City A.M.'s Quiz of the Year - how well do you remember 2014?

Catherine Neilan
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Scottish referendum: Just one of the many key moments of 2014 (Source: Getty)

Did Russell Brand (and/or Nigel Farage) really say that? Was Tesco's profit overstatement really that big? Did North Korea actually start dictating the films that Hollywood releases? Surely the Scottish referendum wasn't that close...

It's been quite a year and, after all the highs and lows, we're about ready for some festive fun.

But before you prepare to see 2014 off in a haze of turkey, fizz and glory, test your memory skills with our Quiz of the Year to find out whether you're a Christmas cracker or just total turkey.


After all the talk about robots this year, we're now living in fear that they are going to put us all out of work. But back in May us humans were quite happy to send a robot in to do an unpleasant job. What was it?


Nigel Farage has had a cracking year, despite having to deal with the occasional gaffe. But which of the following phrases did he not say?


Mike Ashley has had a busy year, investing in several British businesses. But which three stocks are currently in his portfolio?


Quindell's share price nosedived after Gotham City Research issued a report questioning the insurance outsourcer's financial stability. The day before this report was issued, Quindell's share price stood at 420p. But what did Gotham City have as its price target?


In January, City A.M. found itself at the centre of a minor diplomatic incident with France, prompting an angry response from the UK ambassador – but why?


It was the year of the cryptocurrency, though at the year's end some of them seem very distant memories indeed. In March, Moolah founder Alex Green accidentially donated 20m Dogecoins - $13,200 - to a Nascar charity. What was his excuse?


Hong Kong's business district was brought to a standstill in late September and October, provoking one banker to interrupt an interview with a local news organisation to accuse the protesters of being “the most undemocratic of all”. But where did he work?


All eyes turned to Scotland this autumn, and the referendum found itself the subject of a new cartoon by Taiwanese group Next Media Animation. At one point the video shows someone being stabbed in the back. But who?


Millions of us marvelled at the installation of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London in November, called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red. But how many flowers made up the art work?


Tesco had a pretty awful year, what with profits warnings, declining market share and the departure of several key people including boss Philip Clarke. But it was the profits overstatement that really rocked the boat. What was the original reason given for the £250m black hole?


Russell Brand caused one office worker great distress this year after a publicity stunt at an RBS office meant he couldn't return to his desk before his lunch got cold. But what was the lunch at the centre of the row?


Who called what “the cesspool of terrorism”

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