Happy Christmas to all our readers - Editor’s Letter

David Hellier
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The front page of today's newspaper
So we come to the end of another year, and 2014 has been eventful enough, domin­ated politically in the UK by the debate over the future of Scotland and elsewhere by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Oil prices have crashed, causing major implications for producers and consumers alike and in some countries interest rates have plunged into negative territory.
Today is our final publication of this year (though our excellent website cityam.com will continue to bring you news and features during the holiday period). Even before a share has been traded, I can confidently predict 2015 will be a momentous year for us. Not only will there be a general election in the UK in May, with at least five parties playing a pivotal role (if you include Ukip and the Scottish nation­alists), but here at City.A.M. we will be celebrating our 10th birthday in September.
So much has changed since we published our very first edition in the heady days of the pre-crash era when few could have envisaged the catastrophic events that led to bank collapses in the UK and around the globe and the crucial debate that followed.
City A.M. itself has grown significantly since its birth and is now read by a growing number of people at the beginning of their journeys. We have added to our repertoire a tremendously successful fashion magazine, Bespoke, which has been attracting more and more attention, and our digital site has been strengthened considerably in the past year and is now attracting three times as much traffic as it did a year ago.
There’s much to look forward to as we take a break. All it leaves for us now is to wish you and yours a Happy Christmas and for us all to give some thought for those less fortunate than ourselves.

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