The 2014 Corporate Christmas Card Oscars

Gabriella Griffith
Golden Goose PR's Christmas card

It's Christmas week, which means most of us will be packing down our desks for the Christmas break today or tomorrow - heading home for some festive cheer.

But which of your corporate Christmas card collection will you be taking home to join your mantelpiece and which ones will you be leaving behind? Welcome to the 2014 Corporate Christmas Card awards - the Oscars of the card world, of course.
This year we've had a nice mix of classy, colourful and er, dull. The groups getting a festive namecheck include, Association of Financial Markets Europe, the Institute of Economic Affairs, Golden Goose PR and The Share Centre. This year we have an award for the Classiest card, for the Cheekiest Shoehorning of Agenda card, the We Want To Hang Out With Those Guys card and the Greyest of the Grey card.
But which one's which? You can probably guess...

We Want To Hang Out With Those Guys card (top)

Look at Golden Goose PR, hanging out of their window having fun. Can we come over?

IEA's Christmas card

Cheekiest Shoehorning of Agenda card

What has an eye test got to do with Xmas? Oh, but the IEA does have a report called 2020 Vision

Greyesy of the Grey card

Grey should be banned from Christmas cards, regardless of your branding

AFME's Christmas card

Classiest card

This frosty winter scene from AFME adds a touch of taste to your desk

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