David Cameron: We need to "bust some myths" on TTIP and the NHS

Catherine Neilan
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David Cameron: "There aren't the risks that some people are putting forward" (Source: Getty)
The government is poised to go on a PR campaign to win over critics of the transatlantic trade and investment partnership, with Prime Minister David Cameron saying advocates should “bust some myths” surrounding it.
TTIP has courted controversy, with supporters saying it will cut barriers and boost the UK economy by as much as £10bn a year, while critics claim it erodes national power and opens up the possibility of foreign private firms running public services. One of the areas of biggest concern is the NHS.
Cameron yesterday met with European business groups and international companies at a Confederation of British Industry (CBI) event in Brussels to move talks around the trade deal on.
Acknowledging the criticism it has come under, he said: “We need to bust some of the myths about what this trade deal might do.
“This trade deal has no risks for publicly owned and provided services, like the health service and there aren’t the risks that some people are putting forward.”
It was important to build “a sense of momentum” to push the deal through, Cameron added. “If we can agree to bust the myths that some people are putting around about these deals I think we’ll make some good progress.”
He said advocates of the deal needed to produce “powerful examples” of what TTIP could realise in terms of jobs and price reductions for consumers, as well as highlighting the difficulties of trading into the US under the current system.
“The world needs growth, Europe needs growth, and what we need to see is jobs, investment, start-ups and trade taking place,” he said.

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