Premier League outright spread betting with Sporting Index

UNLIKE fixed-odds bookmakers, Sporting Index gives points to every team in the Premier League regardless of where they finish.

The Championship 60 Index is updated after every gameweek and points are awarded as follows: Winner = 60pts, Second = 40pts, Third = 30pts, Fourth = 20pts, Fifth = 10pts, Sixth = 5pts. All others = 0.

Chelsea began this season trading at 39-42. Buyers at 42 can already cash out for a profit of 12 times their stake as the Blues’ strong start has seen their spread rise to 52-54. Indeed, before the recent defeat to Newcastle, they were as high as 54-56.

Liverpool, so close to league glory last term, were not expected by traders to mount a serious challenge this time around. Their opening spread was only 15-18 and, after just six wins from their opening 16 games, that’s plummeted to 5-6.5.

Sunday’s guests at Anfield, Arsenal, began the campaign quoted at 25-28 on the Index and have been as high as 29-32. A top-four finish again looks the best the Gunners can hope for now, though.

Buyers at their current spread of 18-21 would need them to finish third to make profit of nine times their stake. Even finishing fourth would result in a small loss and placing fifth would result in a loss of 11 times their initial stake.