Dixons CEO Sebastian James: Forget Game of Thrones we’re all Octopus

Gabriella Griffith
The post-merger teams are now working as one “not like Game of Thrones”
No one enjoys management speak (well except for compliance teams). Thankfully for us, Sebastian James, chief executive at Dixons Carphone, has not let the heat in the post-merger kitchen sweat out his colourful cultural references. Speaking about Black Friday at the firm’s results conference yesterday, James likened the company’s website to a certain spaceship. “It was like Starship Enterprise, with someone in the engine room saying ‘it’s going to blow!’” he said.

He went on to say the post-merger teams were now working as one “not like Game of Thrones” and that Dixons Carphone and its suppliers were trying to help each other achieve their goals – like “two octopuses coming together.” Don’t ever change, Seb.

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