Poundland wishes you a Merryy Cristmas and a Merry Christmay

Gabriella Griffith
Poundland’s unfortunate festive spelling blunder up in lights
Discount superstar Poundland was snowed under with complaints about its festive products on Twitter yesterday. One unhappy shopper tweeted about a set of Christmas lights which spelt its message wrongly – “‘MerryyCristmas’ it might be a only quid but you could at least spell it right!” Naturally, the hashtag #MerryyCristmas started doing the rounds. But this set wasn’t the only egregious misspelling. There was also the MerryChristmay set and the MsrrhCyristmas set.
Poundland’s festive window snow spray also got an, erm, pounding. “How the hell is this snow spray, it looks like horse pee,” complained one tweeter, with an accompanying image. “I have informed our Quality Team of this issue. Please return to store for a refund,” tweeted back the eager customer service team at Poundland. There was, however, a turnaround of fortunes for Poundland in the end. The “horse pee” tweeter later admitted the can said gold. A brief reprieve.

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