Watch: Heathrow has visualised our Christmas 2014 journeys in this fantastic animation

Catherine Neilan
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Can you spot Santa?
Flying this Christmas? You're not the only one.
Heathrow has said it expects nearly 700,000 people to travel from the London airport between December 19 and Christmas Day as families fly home or abroad for the festive season. On Friday alone, it expects some 116,700 people to fly from Heathrow.
In total more than 43,400 flights going in and out of UK airports in a week, of which 22 per cent are from Heathrow.
Worldwide 5.25m people will fly in the week before Christmas, and while normally just over a third (35.6 per cent) of travellers are flying to see relatives, in these seven days that number rockets up to 65 per cent.
With all that going on, let's hope there are no more computer glitches. On Friday the airspace around London was shut down after a power failure.
To give us groundlings a sense of what that will look like Heathrow has created this video, which traces the journeys that will be taken in that time.

Normand Boivin, chief operating officer at Heathrow, said: “This is such a busy and exciting time at the airport and the visualisation captures the service we provide for the world."

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