Bank of America Charitable Foundation - No.19

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is supported by the Bank of America Foundation

USA - £114.5m

Like Wells Fargo, Bank of America’s charitable focus is on helping out local communities. For 2014 it concentrated on three main issues: housing, education and basic human services such as hunger.
Last year, the foundation contributed over £114m to address various issues within communities.
One of the charities it has partnered with for the past 25 years is Habitat for Humanity – a charity which aims to build safe and affordable housing. In September, as part of a new £3.8m investment in the charity, it helped Habitat launch its first multi-city build, which took place over one week in 41 different communities globally. More than 1,100 of the bank's own staff volunteered during the event.
Andrew Plepler, who runs corporate social responsibility at Bank of America, said it is “very proud” of the partnership which showed the “impact that our financial and human capital can continue to have”.
It has also worked with military veterans to help them transition from active duty, providing jobs, training and education.
For the past seven years, it has also worked with WorkReady Philadelphia, a charity which works to improve the employment opportunities for young people living in the city.
Last year, the bank provided funding for 41 work experiences for young people from the city.
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