Tottenham fined £12,000 for pitch invasion drama

Frank Dalleres
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TOTTENHAM have been fined almost £12,000 for the multiple pitch invasions that blighted their match against Partizan Belgrade and caused the Europa League fixture to be suspended.

European governing body Uefa yesterday ordered Spurs to pay £11,870 for the disturbances, which saw last month’s 1-0 halted for around 10 minutes late in the first half. Three men apparently affiliated to an internet prank group were arrested and later bailed to appear in court next week charged with invading the White Hart Lane pitch.

Headphone maker BassBuds, who had previously worked with the prank group and whose name was emblazoned on the three men’s T-shirts, denied knowledge of the stunt. Tottenham sources indicated after the match that the club would seek to recover any costs if it could be proven that the interference had been orchestrated for publicity.

The three men separately ran onto the field during the first 40 minutes, prompting referee Yevgen Aranovsky to withdraw the players due to fears for their safety. Spurs won through a second-half goal by midfielder Benjamin Stambouli.

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