Lidl’s Lidl Surprises Christmas advert helps to keep discounter ahead of the game - Brand Index

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Lidl's Christmas advert shows guests at a Hertfordshire home enjoying a festive feast (Source: YouTube)

Budget supermarkets, and specifically Aldi and Lidl, have taken the British high street by storm, with consumers warmly embracing the German retailers’ “low price but high quality” message.

All supermarkets have ramped up their advertising efforts in time for Christmas. However, Lidl’s Lidl Surprises displays a confidence that they can challenge the big brands not just on price, but on quality, too.
The advert shows guests at a Hertfordshire home enjoying a festive feast, commenting on the great quality and taste before trying to guess which retailer supplied the ingredients.
Answers include M&S and Waitrose before discovering they are in fact from Lidl.
YouGov’s Ad Awareness metric measures the percentage of people that have seen an advert in the past two weeks. Since the beginning of September, we can see the Lidl’s score has risen significantly from 16.2 to 35.8, highlighting its cut-through with the public.

We also see Lidl’s value metric continue to rise, from 33.2 to 42.4 over the same time period. The quality metric, although showing a small lull recently, remains solid and resolutely positive.
YouGov Profiler helps us to analyse what differentiates customers of Lidl from their comparison set. In the personality subcategory, Lidl customers describe themselves as “always on the lookout for special offers”, adding: “I consider myself to be a healthy eater”.
The challenge is to maintain this momentum in the years ahead – when consumers feel the recovery in their pockets, and when there’s a temptation to return to the other larger supermarkets. It wants to keep and expand the loyal customer base, and be able to challenge those renowned for high standard products.

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