Christmas charity: Lord Mayor Alan Yarrow calls on City to support disabled children

This Christmas, City A.M. is presenting five of our favourite charities to provide our readers with some inspiration for festive charitable giving.
Lord Mayor Alan Yarrow is still settling into his new role, but he’s already put in place a strong case for The Lord Mayor’s Appeal and the main charities it is supporting – Scope and Mencap.
Yarrow is hoping that through these great causes, the City can help disabled people to participate fully and make sure families dealing with disability don’t feel overwhelmed. It is a struggle with which he is personally familiar.
“I’ve chosen to support these charities for a very personal reason,” Yarrow told City A.M. “Our son Max has a learning disability. He is an amazing young man.
“However, like any couple whose son or daughter is born with a learning disability or physical impairment, my wife Gilly and I have faced challenges over the past 33 years. But throughout this time, we have been provided with invaluable support from Mencap and Scope.”
Yarrow’s charitable theme for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal is creating wealth, giving time and supporting people – six words which reflect the City of London.
Along with Scope and Mencap, Yarrow is also championing the Royal Ballet School, City and Guilds Art School and the Royal Academy.
The Yarrows have a longstanding interest in these organisations because of their pursuit of excellence in their specialised fields, helping to ensure the UK maintains its reputation as a hotbed for creative talent.
Donate today to help the Lord Mayor to make a difference.
We are delighted to have been chosen as one of the beneficiaries of the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. There are 1.4m people in the UK with a learning disability.
Richard Yorke, director of fundraising at Mencap
Having a learning disability doesn’t mean there can be no quality of life and people need to know it’s not the end of the world.
Thomas Bachofner, whose young daughter Rosie has a learning disability
The City of London has enormous ability to generate wealth and to use it to support people who are less able to help themselves.
Alan Yarrow, Lord Mayor of the City of London


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