Autumn Statement 2014 drinking game (use Tennant's, tea or tequila)

Gabriella Griffith
Join in the Autumn Statement fun

Are you thirsty for tax policies? Comforted by a large cup of hot pension news? Or fizzing over with anticipation for more infrastructure funding? This is the game for you.

When you hear the Autumn Statement buzzword – take the correct number of sips.
Hard working families1 sip
Long-term economic plan 1 sip
White van 3 sips
In this together1 sip
Stonehenge4 sips
Tony Blair’s Xmas Card 5 sips
Nigel Farage2 sips
Austerity 1 sip
Cost of living crisis2 sips
Squeezed middle 2 sips
Held to account1 sip
We love roads 4 sips
For the bingo addicts among you, make sure you visit our awesome interactive Autumn Statement bingo game on your screens.

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