What is Cyber Monday 2015 UK, when is it and where did it come from?

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Savvy shoppers will take to the internet for Cyber Monday (Source: Getty)

We're still in the warm up to Black Friday, but retailers are already bracing themselves for the online discounting bonanza Cyber Monday on 30 November 2015.

But what is Cyber Monday, how does it differ from Black Friday and which of the two will be the biggest sales day?

Here's everything you need to know.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday traditionally takes the hunt for discounts away from high street stores and into cyberspace.

Big retailers such as Tesco, John Lewis, Currys and Halfords as well as online shopping giants Amazon and Ebay will be offering discounts on a range of items including electricals like TVs, games and clothing.

To get ahead, savvy shoppers should learn what sale items will be available on the day and create an online account for the websites they want to buy from.

Some retailers will give shoppers reductions using discount codes too.

Where does Cyber Monday come from?

Cyber Monday, likes its high street counterpart, is another US import.

It can be traced back to retail association Shop.org which coined the term around 10 years ago. It also launched a website, CyberMonday.com, which was dedicated to collecting information about the online discounts on offer.

The idea came from the fact there was already a general increase in online sales the Monday after Thanksgiving. It seemed that shoppers, not content with splurges made on Black Friday, were still flocking to retailers' websites to splash even more cash.

How does it differ from Black Friday?

Because Cyber Monday takes place online, we won't see the huge crowds and supermarket punch ups that came to characterise Black Friday. However, shoppers who were put off by the in-store chaos can now grab some Cyber Monday bargains online.

Black Friday is a lot older than Cyber Monday, which is barely 10 years old. The former started back in the 1940s and its rise coincided with the opening of big department stores and discounters in the US.

There are also a few interesting stories behind its founding.

Some say that Black Friday came from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as its exasperated police force described the heavy traffic flow and crowded streets they had to deal with the day after Thanksgiving.

Another explanation is that Black Friday was the day retailers began to make a profit, tipping balance sheets from the red into the black.

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