Apple’s $700bn smash, Black Friday misery: 10 things we learned this week

Emma Haslett
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Like her fellow Londoners, the Duchess of Cornwall enjoys a glass of red wine (Source: Getty)
1. In the future, cats will change colour when they go near radiation (maybe). Someone’s already written a nursery rhyme about it
2. Londoners take “painting the town red” rather more literally than you might think: by a vast majority, they prefer red wine to any other type, reckons Naked Wines
3. Aviva has a new best Friend (-s Life): the insurer announced plans to buy its rival this week, to a mixed reception
4. Apple’s value rose to $700bn. It’s now worth 1.7m iPad Minis
6. Uber’s latest funding round values it at more than Twitter, Netflix and LinkedIn
7. Opec is willing to sacrifice short-term confidence for long-term stability. The effects on UK oil of its decision not to curb production have been pretty dire.
8. Scotland is about to get more power over income tax - but Westminster is determined to keep control of VAT
9. People in the UK go as berserk for a good deal as their US cousins. The result ain’t pretty…
10. The UK’s biggest-ever divorce settlement has happened, and it was worth (wait for it) - £373m

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