Why you won't find Black Friday discount deals at Aldi and Lidl summed up in a single tweet

Lynsey Barber
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Aldi has taken an overt swipe at its supermarket rivals over Black Friday deals with a single tweet.

As shoppers wrestled each other over discount deals in Tesco and Asda, Aldi tweeted: "Hmm, we think we did #BlackFriday last week. Although it was just called 'Friday'. And it's the same every day!"

The US holiday sales import has taken hold in the UK like never before, with analysts and retailers predicting it will be the country's busiest shopping day of the year.

Eager to get customers through the door and splashing their cash on Christmas treats, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda - along with a host of other high street retailers - are betting on big discounts on big items.

Online retailer Amazon has been one of the major harbingers of Black Friday deals to UK shores, but supermarkets have been especially keen on adopting the US tradition in the ever-escalating bid to outperform each other.

Asda has doubled its event in almost every way, with a little help from US parent Walmart, which knows a thing or two about how to do Black Friday. Tesco believes the bonanza will beat Boxing Day sales this year.

While the rivals have been busy battling each other, their true nemeses have been watching these escapades with a raised eyebrow: the discounters are not jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon.

Before today's tweet, over at Aldi, a spokesperson said earlier this week: “Aldi customers enjoy consistent everyday low prices, while shoppers elsewhere face confusing and ever-changing discounts and offers. Our commitment to value means we do not need to price match – we price lead.”

Meanwhile at Lidl: “We offer good deals all year round,” said a spokesperson.

The differences between the supermarkets and the discounters couldn't be more starkly highlighted by Black Friday.

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