Donald Trump gets the hump over Vicky Ward's book The Liar’s Ball

Gabriella Griffith
Vicky Ward launched her book Liar’s Ball last night
She was married to Conrad Black’s step-nephew and gave the red-tops a field day with her divorce. But now New York-based Brit, Vicky Ward, is back in London and launched her second book The Liar’s Ball in Henry Sotheran’s bookshop last night.

When The Capitalist spoke to her yesterday, she had just had a brush with celebrity. “I’m sitting at the table Lindsay Lohan has just vacated,” she told us. “My partner and I are having breakfast in The Connaught.”

The book is about the sale of the General Motors (GM) building in New York and has been billed as the book Donald Trump doesn’t want you to read. It’s not her first financial expose novel, she published The Devil’s Casino in 2010 about the collapse of Lehman, but why is the new one irking Trump?

“He told me he’d never worked so hard on anything in his life [as the GM building], it must get him in his gut that he didn’t keep it,” Ward told us. Trump’s explanation was a bit different, calling the book a “waste of time” and “boring” on Twitter.

Trump’s opinions did little to dampen the spirits at last night’s launch though, for which Lord Maurice Saatchi, jewellery heiress Ilaria Bulgari and Lord and Lady Windsor were on the guest list.

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