Facebook responds to accusations it failed to inform police of plan to murder Lee Rigby

Billy Ehrenberg
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Facebook has responded to accusations it failed to report pertinent conversations (Source: Getty)

Facebook has responded to accusations it hosted conversations planning the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby. Although the site wasn't expressly named in the report, Facebooks is udnerstood to be the site involved.

Michael Adebowale used Facebook to outline his plan to murder a soldier in a "graphic and emotive manner", according to the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC).

The committee was scathing in its description of social sites, saying they seemed to feel no obligation to report such behaviour.

Facebook has now responded:

Like everyone else, we were horrified by the vicious murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby.
We don't comment on individual cases but Facebook's policies are clear, we do not allow terrorist content on the site and take steps to prevent people from using our service for these purposes.
The ISC clearly believed that more pro-active steps were required. In its report, it stated:
Had MI5 had access to this exchange, their investigation into Adebowale would have become a top priority.

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