Rachel Johnson Twitter hacked: Boris Johnson's sister's account drops the c-bomb on David Cameron

Guy Bentley
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Rachel Johnson has a Twitter nightmare (Source: Getty)

The past week have been something of a dream for Twitter gaffes.

Labour's shadow attorney general was forced to step down after sending what was regarded as a snobby tweet from Rochester and Strood while even Twitter's own CFO appears not quite to have mastered the social media minefield.

Over the past 24 hours, a rather more unpleasant battle has been raging on Twitter over some wildly insensitive remarks made by popular food writer and activist Jack Monroe involving David Cameron's disabled son who died in 2009.

The hashtag #CameronMustGo has been trending for at least a couple of days, as has #WeBackEd.

While there are mistakes and missteps two to a penny on social media, there are also those awful moments when what goes on your profile is entirely out of your hands, namely when you are hacked. So was the misfortune of journalist, presenter and sister of the London Mayor Rachel Johnson.

This afternoon she discovered that someone had hacked her account and sent and extremely rude question to Prime Minister David Cameron.

She promptly told her almost 22,000 followers what had happened and apologised to "our leader" and deleted the offending tweet - but not before it had been screengrabbed by many on the social network (and us, naturally).

Johnson will no doubt be especially horrified by the tweet to the Tory leader given her true blue family, with brother Boris running London and touted as a future leader and father Stanley Johnson, a former Conservative MEP.

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