Apple smashes $700bn valuation: Three charts that perfectly sum up just how massive Apple is

Emma Haslett
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Apple's shares rose 60 per cent last year (Source: Getty)

As markets closed in New York last night, Apple officially became the first company in US history to record a valuation of more than $700bn at close of trading. If there had been any doubt as to whether Apple was the biggest company in the world (and there had been - last year, Apple was vying for the position with Exxon Mobil), there isn't any more.

Shares in the tech giant rose 60 per cent last year as investors showed their support to new releases including both iterations of the iPhone 6, the iPad Air 2 and even chief executive Tim Cook's controversial decision to fork out $3bn to buy headphone brand Beats.

Last night, Cook himself reassured investors that Apple could overcome the "law of large numbers" and maintain that growth. "This is sort of an old dogma that was cooked up by somebody," he added.

But just how big is $700bn? Here's a handy guide...

1. Apple is bigger than Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn combined

2. Here's how many of its own gadgets Apple's shareholders could buy if they all sold their stock now and clubbed together

3. And here are all the countries with GDPs smaller than $700bn

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