Black Friday 2014's most wanted: From games consoles and tablets to ouija boards and Hunter Boots

Catherine Neilan
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Ouija boards were popular in the past - Google thinks 2014 could see a revival (Source: Getty)
Google has revealed its predictions for the biggest selling items of this year's Black Friday weekend – and there are a few goods that are likely to surprise.
Oujia boards – whose popularity began in Victorian times but swelled after the First World War and into the 1930s – are among some of the most searched-for items on Google Shopping, up 300 per cent since October.
In fact, retro goods are really en vogue: Barbie Dream House and My Little Pony have also emerged as top queries.
As the weather turns, people are clearly also searching for warm clothes, with searches for Hunter Boots up 46 per cent while the number of times Canada Goose jackets has been Googled has soared 140 per cent.
Games consoles and tablets are of course perennially popular, but wearable technology is also on the rise, with searches for Fitbit racing ahead.
Retailers are going into overdrive for Black Friday, Super Sunday and Cyber Monday this weekend, but if Google's figures are anything to go by, that will have paid off, particularly on smartphones.
The search engine reports that shopping via the devices has increased by three and a half-times year-on-year “and continues to grow”.
“We're currently sending more mobile traffic to retailers per week from Google Shopping than we did during the peak of last holiday season,” it said in a blog post.

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