Aldi gives us a Lidl bill of the week for Christmas #FestiveFeast with chef Jean-Christophe Novelli

Gabriella Griffith
The Cotes du Rhone and Riesling were free-flowing at terribly trendy Home House members club last night, but it wasn’t serving its usual crowd.
Discount supermarket warrior Aldi was hosting its #FestiveFeast, along with celeb chef Jean-Christophe Novelli – serving a five-course Christ­mas meal to a room full of customers who won their seats on social media (and a handful of lucky journos, of course).

Aldi is hosting five of these events in total. Having been in Glasgow’s Blythswood Square Hotel on Friday, it’s off to Newcastle on Wednesday, Manchester the following Monday and then Birmingham two days later.
The menu looked delightful, including turkey wellington, highland cheeses and king crab with “specially selected caviar points.”
But The Capitalist did get a sense of déjà vu when looking at the “bill”, left on each of the tables pointing out how very affordable the whole smorgasbord had been (£20.35 per person FYI).
Back on 28 August, it had done almost the exact same thing, for its #LidlSurprises dinner at the V&A, where dinner had come to £9.96 per head.
Sorry Aldi – you’re not the first to tempt guests with this Lidl surprise.

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