Transport for London is trying to make Stockwell Cross friendlier to cyclists: Here's what it could look like

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Another day, another unveiling of one of Transport for London's (TfL) bright ideas for making some of the most dangerous junctions in London safer for cyclists. This time, it's Stockwell, which will be "transformed" as part of works due to begin next year.

According to TfL, the number of cyclists travelling along the Cycle Superhighway 7, which runs along Clapham Road, has risen by 60 per cent since it was installed in 2010. At peak time, 2,500-odd cyclists use it each hour.

So TfL says it wants to remove the much-maligned gyratory and "return local streets to two-way working", provide a new pedestrian area which would connect to the Stockwell Memorial Garden by closing the southern end of South Lambeth Road, and create segregated cycle lanes. It'll also provide "advanced stop lines and widened bus lanes", which should reduce the number of road accidents.

Here's all the changes it's planning to make:

Source: Transport for London

The rejuvenation is part of £1bn of investment TfL is putting into 33 of the capital's most dangerous junctions to make them more bike-friendly.

Consultation on the changes will run until 18 January, said the organisation.

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