London wine map shows river of red flowing along the Central Line

Norwich-based Naked Wines said red wine was favoured along the Central Line route (Source: Naked Wines)
A wine map of London, revealing drinkers’ favourite tipple, shows a “river of red wine” flowing along London’s Central Line, according to Naked Wines.
The customer-funded wine company, which invests in independent winemakers, polled 2,000 Lond­oners to find the favoured wines in the capital’s boroughs.
The map showed an overwhelming preference for red wine, with the majority of zone one choosing a medium or full-bodied red, such as a malbec.
Meanwhile, drinkers in Harrow, Richmond and Barking chose sparkling wines as their top tipple, and the research showed a fondness for rose wines in Redbridge, Brom­ley and Bexley.
Only the boroughs of Hounslow, Sutton, Islington and Ealing plumped for white as a favourite.

Ray O’Connor, wine director at Naked Wines said: “We run a very unpretentious wine club, working directly with the winemakers, and putting the customers at the centre of our decision-making processes.
“While we can provide expert advice and hold tasting events, we also want to provide customers with wine they actually want to drink, not wine they have been told they should drink.”
Naked Wines, which ships an average of 25,000 bottles of wine every day and raised £5m in September through its first retail bond, said nearly half of City of London drinkers (48.5 per cent) favoured red wine, while much the same percentage (50 per cent) in Richmond upon Thames prefer to pop the cork of a sparkling wine.
In the Central Line area, 60 per cent of Westminster opted for red wine, while Camden (44.5 per cent), Hackney (71.5 per cent), Tower Hamlets (50 per cent) and Newham (40 per cent) also favoured it.
Naked Wines customers may be likely to pick champagne as a fav­ourite. Earlier this month the company announced it had enlisted award-winning champagne maker Jean-Philippe Moulin.
Richmond 50% prefer sparkling
Westminster 60% opt for red
Bexley & Bromley favour rose
Brent 66.5% love white

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