Charing Cross Station reopens following train fire evacuation, but disruptions continue

Sarah Spickernell
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The fire occured on the first carriage of the train (Source: Vincenzo minore)
Charing Cross station has reopened after a fire on one of the trains led to a temporary closure.
According to the London Fire Brigade, part of a train on platform six burst into flames, although no injuries were reported.
The fire occurred in the first carriage of the train but was swiftly put out by firefighters, who are now dealing with the smoke that has spread to an adjacent hotel. The station was closed for a total of 15 minutes.
London Fire Brigade posted the following statement online just before midday: "The fire on a train a Charing Cross station is under control, it was a small fire in the front carriage."
Network Rail says disruption can be expected to continue until 3pm, however. At present, trains are being diverted to London Victoria or London Bridge.
Vincenzo Minore, who was a passenger on the train, said: "There was panic - you are sitting on a train and hear a blast and see a lot of lights and don't know what it was."
Around 30 to 40 people were reportedly standing on the platform when the blast occurred, but it took a few seconds for people to react.
"People were just all running out of there. Most of them had already left by the time I came up.
"They tried to stay calm but there were definitely people running."

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