From Ukip and bird flu to RBS and Lidl: 10 things we learned this week

Catherine Neilan
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There was a lot of turkey flying around this week (Source: Getty).
1. Ukip got its second member of parliament. Mark Reckless retook the seat he'd held as a Conservative. But that was really the side show to accusations of snobbish tweets and comments around immigration that were so inflamatory Ukip distanced itself from them.
2. Bird flu returned to the UK. It's unlikely to pose a threat to humans, but it might ruin Christmas for everyone.
3. Royal Bank of Scotland overstated its ability to cope with another financial crisis. Having happily shown off its common equity tier one ratio as being 6.7 per cent – turns out it was 5.7 per cent. Oops.
4. We learned that on the same day we found out that bankers aren't dishonest. It's just the culture that makes them that way. The people who proved this are now recommending a financial industry version of the Hippocratic oath.
5. Lots of things happened at Quindell, most of which were very confusing, but the end result is that three directors, including the chairman, are leaving.
6. London could house as many as 100,000 new homes if the government gave up unused departmental land. That figure climbs to two million if you look at the whole of the UK.
8. This Christmas you can buy an oyster for less than 50p a go. Lidl is really looking to show the traditional retailers how to do it, by selling six oysters for £2.79, to go with its £5.99 lobster and £9.99 champagne.
9. You can now listen to your Spotify playlist while taking an Uber. Those drivers are going to end up hearing a lot more Kate Bush, One Direction and Minnie Riperton in future.

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