Christmas just got tougher for Tesco, Sainsbury and Morrisons: Lidl adds "discount" oysters to its deluxe range

Catherine Neilan
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Go on - it's just a Lidl oyster (Source: Lidl)

In a year dominated by the rise of the discount grocer, it's perhaps no surprise that Lidl and Aldi will be pulling out all the stops to bring consumers a bit of low-cost luxury.

Lidl, which launched a £5 lobster in 2009, has a track record of doing exactly that but this year it's pulling out all the stops. Not only has the German grocer increased its stock of lobster (now £5.99) by 50 per cent, it's branching out into a wider range of premium produce.
Fancy some oysters? Lidl has just launched a range of six live Pacific Oysters for £2.79. The retailer has also issued a handy guide to shucking them, for those unused to doing it at home.
Lidl's buying manager Alexandra Scholes said: “We know from the popularity of the Deluxe whole lobsters that people are not afraid of being more adventurous when it comes to home dining. These fresh oysters are the latest addition to our seasonal Deluxe range and I am proud to have been able to source these in partnership with our trusted Scottish cooperative.”
Other new additions to the menu this year include smoked reindeer slices, beef carpaccio and salmon caviar. Lidl is also reducing its own-label champagne, Comte de Senneval, from £11.99 to £9.99 from next Monday (November 24) for the Christmas period.
However it does seem that Lidl recognises that some people might be put off by the name before trying out its treats – which explains this advert in which “members of the public” confidently predict the mystery giver of their Christmas dinner will be Marks & Spencer. Their expression when they find out it's Lidl is a real festive treat.

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