Brixton Village, watch out: Time Out wants to build a massive "hipster hub" in London

Emma Haslett
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A fashion show held in Lisbon's own Time Out "hipster hub", the Mercado da Ribeira (Source: Getty)

Time Out is branching out. Peter Dubbens, the man behind the magazine, wants to create a huge, 100,000 sq ft "hipster hub" somewhere in central London. The thinking behind the idea, apparently, is to "bring the magazine to life".

Property industry magazine Estates Gazette reported this morning that Dubbens has appointed James Andrew International to find a space for the hub, which will contain shops, restaurants and will be used for cultural activities, in King's Cross, Camden or Covent Garden.

The idea is that it will emulate Lisbon's Mercado da Ribeira, a kind of foodie mecca, which the Time Out already manages a large part of. Apparently, it "brings together some of the city's most loved names in food and drink". And if there's one thing hipsters love, it's food and drink...

Having acquired rights to manage the Lisbon market in 2010, the brand transformed it into a gourmet food hall, complete with smart black-and-white branding and hipster-friendly wooden tables, earlier this year, and it quickly became popular among locals.

Dubbens told Estates Gazette that the hub will "bring together restaurants, bars, art and events all under one roof" - and also that the brand is thinking of doing a similar thing. The idea is that the market - or whatever it turns out to be - will open in 2017. Brixton Village, watch out...

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