Singapore to start regulating taxi apps from mid-2015: Introduces fee limits, license requirements

Jessica Morris
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Singapore will regulate taxi apps such as Uber (Source: Getty)

Singapore has said it will start regulating taxi apps such as Uber from next year, by capping fees and ensuring drivers are licensed.

Its Land Transport Authority (LTA) unveiled a regulatory framework designed to "safeguard commuter safety and interests".

They will ensure the fees charged by taxi apps are no higher than those of regular taxi services.

Customers will also get lost property and a proper complaints procedure.

Under the regulations, taxi apps cannot require commuters to tell drivers their destination before making a booking, as this could lead to drivers avoiding certain trips.

While the taxi industry has shared that knowing prospective passengers' destinations can encourage drivers to accept bookings, there are concerns that some taxi drivers may choose their passengers and avoid taking bookings to certain destinations.

LTA has thus decided that it should be left to commuters to decide if they want to provide this information.

Taxi apps are often met with caution by traditional taxi drivers who fear they could hurt their business. This led to protests in a number of European cities this summer including London, Berlin, Paris and Madrid.

In June, thousands of London's black cabs brought some streets to a standstill by staging a mass protest against Uber.

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