Dear Uber drivers: As its Spotify tie-up launches, you're going to hear way more Kate Bush, One Direction - and Kirsty MacColl

Emma Haslett
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Uber's tie-up with Spotify was announced earlier this week (Source: Getty)

The tie-up between Spotify and Uber launches today, meaning anyone who gets in an Uber cab can listen to their own tunes.

The system works using a feature inside Uber's app which connects to the driver's phone. As long as it is plugged into the sound system, it allows passengers to determine what plays over the car's speakers. The tie-up was announced earlier this week, and will launch in 10 cities including London, Singapore, Stockholm and Nashville, today.

But what will the drivers' poor ears be subjected to? Are they going to be depressed by emo passengers bent on listening to My Chemical Romance, or are they more into the Cheeky Girls?

City A.M. turned to YouGov's ever-useful profiler tool to find out what Uber users are into. The answer, surprisingly, is a heady mix of 80s classics, indie pop and, er, Gary Glitter:

To be fair, it could be worse. From now on, Uber drivers are going hear a lot more Kate Bush and Wilko Johnson (who, for those not familiar, was in 70s pub rock band Dr Feelgood).

And who doesn't want to be lulled by the soothing tones of Minnie Riperton after a long night's driving? Let's just hope passengers can exercise restraint when it comes to One Direction, or we're going to have a lot of one-star reviews on our hands...

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