“Expand targeted immi­gration” to stop UK losing War for Talent as workforce ages

Ollie Gordon
Randstad global CEO Jacques van den Broek
The UK is falling behind in the McKinsey-coined “War for Talent” as the demographic segment that supplies companies with future leaders shrinks, says new research from global recruiter Randstad.

The analysis of new population statistics suggests the size of the UK’s “executive” segment is diminishing at speed. Although the UK’s population grew 7.5 per cent between 2001 and 2011, the number of 30-45 year-olds shrank by 2.4 per cent. And that figure is forecast to fall yet further.

Jacques van den Broek, Randstad’s chief executive, told City A.M. the solution was two-fold: “I think there would be opportunities if you would raise the female participation age from 65 to 70. The other one is to expand targeted immi­gration – to bring in more of the right kind of people for the right kind of jobs.”

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