Singapore Airlines passenger faces $1,171 Wi-Fi bill from London to Singapore flight

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A first class bed on Singapore Airlines (Source: Getty)
Surfing the internet can apparently be just as costly as flying across the world if you’re not careful.
When Jeremy Gutsche flew from London to Singapore, he was flabbergasted to discover he had been charged a whopping $1,171.46 for his Wi-Fi.
The chief executive of the Trend Hunter website had purchased 30MB worth of browsing for $28.99 from provider OnAir and figured that would be that.
The browsing was limited to “just 155 page views, mostly to my email”, a sent email and uploading a 4mb PowerPoint. After that Gutsche claims he slept through the flight.
In the blog post on his Trend Hunter website he wrote:
I wish I could blame an addiction to NetFlix or some intellectual documentary that made me $1200 smarter.
However, the Singapore Airlines internet was painfully slow, so videos would be impossible and that means I didn’t get any smarter...except about how to charge a lot of money for stuff. I did learn that.
Yet Singapore Airlines and On Air is refusing to budge. Gutsche is going to have to pay up.
On Air told the Wall Street Journal that its service is “entirely transparent” and added that passengers are provided with a graph demonstrating data consumption.
The Wi-Fi service provider said that “to consume several hundred megabytes during one flight takes much more than basic email viewing, for example downloading heavy attachments, cloud access and using Skype.”

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