Beaver Close, Bonar Road and Spankers Hill Wood: Do you live in one of London's rudest places?

Catherine Neilan
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Britain's funniest names: London has its fair share (Source: ST&G).
Britain is a funny old country, with lots of places whose names sound distinctly rude. If you're the sort of person who giggles at Cockfosters on the Tube map, then you will love this new contender for top Christmas novelty gift.
After “many months and several thousand miles of field research”, lifestyle brand Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick (ST&G) has produced a Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names .
The Map has 1,400 place names “boasting a wealth of bottoms, balls, buttocks and beavers”.
Even London has its fair share. Names identified by the comedic cartographers as particularly silly include (but are not restricted to) Beaver Close, Bonar Road, Helmet Row, Mudchute and Spankers Hill Wood.
We've created our own interactive map with some of the names supplied, but it's not as beautiful as either the traditional map or the digital one ST&G has put together.
If you can get through it without spitting out your tea, you're a better person than us. Who knew rude could be so pretty?

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