Upp: Intelligent Energy looks to make a bomb with hydrogen charger

Joseph Millis
Intelligent Energy’s USBcompatible, hydrogen fuelcell charger is now available at UK Apple stores
Technology group Intelligent Energy yesterday announced that Upp, its hydrogen-powered, USB-compatible charger was now available at Apple stores across Britain.
It can now also be ordered from the Upp website.
The starter pack consists of an Upp fuel cell and a reusable Upp cartridge. A full Upp cartridge powering a smartphone can typically deliver one week’s worth of power. On average, that means 900 additional hours of standby or 32 hours of call time, 26 hours of video or alternatively an extra 40 hours of web browsing.
Upp is the next generation of award-winning fuel cell technology from Intelligent Energy, miniat­urised hydrogen fuel cells that can deliver instant energy to USB-compatible devices.
Dr Henri Winand, Intelligent Energy’s chief executive, said: “Upp represents the start of the next generation of energy devices, a signal to the portable electronics market that customers are ready to adopt transformative technologies. Consumers want energy indepen­dence as the demand and reliance on portable devices accelerates.”

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