Uber investor Ashton Kutcher: 'What is so wrong about digging up dirt on journalists?"

Emma Haslett
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"What's wrong with digging up dirt?" asked Kutcher (Source: Getty)

Actor and sometime tech VC Ashton Kutcher - who also happens to have a stake in Uber - has come out strongly in support of the taxi app in a rant on Twitter.

Kutcher, who also has stakes in Spotify, Airbnb and Foursquare, according to Crunchbase, came out in apparent support of executive Emil Michael, who said at a dinner last week that he could get a team to "look into" the private lives of journalists who write about the company.

Today it emerged that one of the company's executives had tracked a journalist's movements during one of her Uber rides using an internal tool called "God View".

But today Kutcher took to Twitter to show his support for the company.

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