“You can't just point at things and tax them”: Six gifs that show what happened when Myleene met Miliband

Catherine Neilan
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When Myleene met Miliband (Source: ITV/YouTube)

Last night saw one of the greatest debates of our generation.

Former Hear'say singer and face of Littlewoods Myleene Klass took Labour leader Ed Miliband to task – and the shadow politician looked a lot more bruised by the end of it than she did.
We've pulled out six of our favourite moments from the ITV debate and turned them into neat little gifs that you can watch without having to sit through the usual political blather about how this party's policies are so much better than the other ones. And we've saved the best until last.
At the start of the debate, Myleene already looked pretty arch. Here she is giving Miliband a taste of things to come. If only he was facing her instead of the anchor.

The main problem, it turns out, is that she's trying so hard not to make her house cross the £2m threshold she can't brew coffee.

They talk a bit about bedroom tax and a window tax from the 1600s as examples of how bad taxes are. Then the gloves come off. Ed tries to tell her Labour will be different to the Tory government. But Myleene wants to know howwww

Myleene is really unimpressed by this point. She's done her research on the mansion tax figures and it doesn't add up. Ed is looking uncomfortable by now.

She's angry because houses that weren't taxed before are suddenly going to be taxed. You might as well just tax this glass of water!

But Myleene knows what you can and can't do. You can't just point at things and tax them Ed! That isn't how it works.

If that's just whetted your appetite and you want to watch a highlights clip of the debate, see below:

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