HardlyEverWornIt.com party at Cafe Royal Hotel to feature live penguins and a McLaren F1 simulator

Gabriella Griffith
Former Jaeger boss Harold Tillman to host Xmas party
As Christmas party season approaches, you’ll all be familiar with the following conundrum: How the bejeezus will they fit the McLaren F1 simulator into the Cafe Royal Hotel?! No? Well, poor old HardlyEverWornIt.com, the online fashion site, has been grappling with this for a while.

The team at the fashion firm was on tenterhooks until yesterday, when they had a McLaren team member go down to the hotel to do a site visit and see how the simulator could be squeezed in. Luckily, it turns out they can dismantle parts of it. The show will go on.

Hosted by fashion industry veteran Harold Tillman, the party will also reportedly feature live penguins and an auction, including a dress donated by Prince Harry’s favourite singer Joss Stone.

Despite its lavish and somewhat confusing line-up of entertainment, Santander board member Tom Teichman is chairman of HardlyEverWornIt.com and advertising legend Sir John Hegarty is on the board, so with any luck the Christmas extravaganza, plan­ned for next Thursday, will come in under budget and with a ruddy well-designed invite.

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