YouGov profiler: Arsenal fans more likely to shop for erotic products, Chelsea fans to have an interested in cosmetics and eight more surprising discoveries about London football fans

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Arsenal fans are more likely to have peculiar shopping habits (Source: Getty)
London’s football fans are a varied bunch. From those at the glistening curves of the Emirates to the cheerful charm of Craven Cottage, the capital’s various football tribes all come with their own unique quirks and particularities.
YouGov today released the awesome “profiler” tool which allows you to explore the trends particularly true of fans of any brand, person, political party, sports team and countless of other categories. Check it out here.
We decided to take a look at what it had to say about London’s football supporters.
It’s worth noting that the YouGov aren’t presenting an example of an average or typical fan. So the preferences, tastes and opinions it lists on its site aren’t representative of the majority of the fanbase. And some of the sample sizes are admittedly small (hence why we stuck to Premier League and Championship teams here).
Still, YouGov’s data vault provided us with some surprising discoveries...

1. Chelsea fans’ interests include celebs, beauty, cosmetics, relationships and weddings

Chelsea fans may have a slightly different reputation amongst rival supporters, but according to YouGov's data, supporters at Stamford Bridge are far more likely to be into "People and Celebrities", "Beauty & Grooming" and even "Dance and Ballet" than fans of other clubs.

2. Arsenal fans like to shop online...for escorts

Arsenal fans have a particular penchant for online shopping of the "adult" kind. One of the websites Arsenal fans are more likely to visit is, a (in its own words) "safe and anonymous environment where individuals can distribute and market their own adult products and services".

YouGov also says that Arsenal fans are likely to be unconfrontational and difficult apparently. Surely not…

3. Hammers like Metal Hammer magazine

We've never noticed a particular preference for black clothing, piercings or guitar solos at Upton Park, but apparently West Ham fans have a particular interest in catching up with the latest news and developments in the world of heavy metal.
However, the Hammers are also known as the "Irons". So you could forgive anyone who mistook the music magazine for a West Ham fanzine - even in spite of the screaming angry man on the front cover.

4. Spurs’ fans browsing history is ...errr…varied

Spurs fans are a generous bunch. According to YouGov, they are more likely to have less than £125 in spare cash for the month, yet they are also more likely to visit the charity Unicef online.
They also like to watch videos. Of a very particular genre. There must be something in the water in North London...

5. Crystal Palace fans have a bizarre list of preferred celebrities…

Crystal Palace fans, known for their bouncing singalongs and colourful displays have a peculiar list of favourite celebrities. From right to left they are; one of Alan Sugar's former assistants on The Apprentice, a British TV actress, the original quizmaster from University Challenge, an award-winning composer, and an American actress who was famous in the seventies.
Ok then.

6. Fulham fans may also be Chelsea fans

Either Fulham fans want to keep a watchful eye over their West-London rivals, or they just couldn't get a Stamford Bridge season ticket...

7. Millwall fans are extremely right wing

Millwall fans as a group are pretty much as right-wing as it is possible to be according to YouGov's Left/Right political views dial. Millwall fans admittedly to have a reputation that goes before them, but in comparison to other fans, their position on the dial is still surprising.
It should be noted that YouGov specify simplifying a group of people onto a left-right axis is "notoriously hard".

8. Brentford fans are incredibly boring

We desperately tried to find something interesting or worthwhile about Brentford fans. It proved to be a thankless task. Look at the above screenshot of their "Personality" page, for example. They don't even have thoughts.

9. But QPR fans sound even more dull...

Having said that, Queens Park Rangers fans are more likely to spend their time model building or playing chess, or pursuing interests such as online market research.

10. Charlton fans swing further to the left than any other set of fans

It's hard to find many fans with too much of a bad word to say about the Addicks. Charlton, who are often referred to as a "family club", have the most left-leaning fanbase according to YouGov.

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