How to nap at work: The Nutshell sleep pod, Ostrich Pillow and MetroNap

Lynsey Barber
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The Nutshell prototype gives hope to would be nappers (Source: Eden Lew)

It’s the unicorn of working life. Something that allows you to get a quick bit of shut-eye at your desk so you can be even more productive at your job (and definitely not so you can sleep off the effects of a late one at the pub).

We’ve managed to land a spacecraft on a comet, but no standard nap solution in our offices? One design student has now addressed this modern-age problem however, with the Nutshell.

In a nutshell (see what we did there), designer Eden Lew has created a pod of solitude- a hood that can be pulled over your head for instant calm and quiet from your fellow workers.

It’s still in prototype stage, and your office might not quite have a work culture accepting of power naps (unless you work at Google), but we see potential for the Nutshell elsewhere. What better way to make your commute more bearable than isolating yourself in the Nutshell for the duration of the journey?

(Source: Eden Lew)

(Source: Eden Lew)

It’s not the first time someone’s tried to address the important issue of work time productivity naps- and there really is significant research which shows a brief nap makes people more productive.

There’s the Ostrich Pillow, cleverly designed to support your head and neck wherever you choose to rest it covering your eyes and ears at the same time so you can drift off.

(Source: Studio Banana)

(Source: Studio Banana)

There's also the fantastically futuristic MetroNap sleeping pods made famous by Google, but you might have to get that signed-off from the top to get it installed next to your desk.

(Source: Getty)

Neither of these have quite taken off yet, so we have high hopes for the Nutshell.

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