The UK's first "natural, chemical-free swimming pool" is being built at King's Cross

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How the swimming pool will look (Source:
Set in the unlikely surroundings of a regeneration site behind King’s Cross station, the UK's first “natural”, chemical-free swimming pool will soon be opened up to the public.
Designed by Austrian Company Biotop, the pool will be an art installation in Cubbit Park, ten minutes' walk from King's Cross Station.
It has a swimming area of 2,282 metres for 163 swimmers. On one side of the pool will be a “no plant” zone for the swimmers, while on the other side there will be a lefy “regeneration zone” - the part that removes the need for any chemicals to be added to the water.
Around the edges there will be rocks and aquatic plants that absorb nutrients and provide oxygen for the water. The plants are also expected to attract other types of wildlife to the area – dragonflies, newts and frogs, to name a few.
“A natural pond, as part of an exciting art project, is a first for Biotop. We are looking forward to showing Londoners and the UK how a piece of nature in the middle of the city can improve their quality of life, whether that’s in your own garden or within a shared public space such as this,” Peter Petrich, one of the lead designers of the pool, told City Planter
The pool will be fully built by the end of this year, ready to be opened up for public use in Spring 2015.

The pool will sit in the middle of a construction site (Artist's impression by Ooze Architects)

Plants are expected to attract other types of wildlife (Source: Previous example of a Biotop pond)

The regeneration zone will be next to the swimming zone (Source: Previous example of a Biotop pond)

It will accommodate 163 swimmers (Source: Previous example of a Biotop pond)

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