Bird flu in the UK: Could the disease lead to a shortage of Christmas turkeys?

Catherine Neilan
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Could bird flu lead to a turkey shortage this Christmas?
The re-emergence of bird flu in the UK is unlikely to pose a major threat to human health – but it could have a serious impact on your Christmas turkey.
Although the East Yorkshire farm in which the case of avian flu has been confirmed breeds ducks, the local area has several turkey farms that could be at risk of infection. A three kilometre protection zone has been put around the farm in question, and all 6,000 ducks will be culled to prevent a spread.
But the farmer Jono Dixon warned that might not be enough to stop turkey producers being affected.
He told Sky News: “We've got Christmas four weeks away and I know that these guys will be gearing up for the Christmas market.
"There's some big turkey farms in East Yorkshire as well as lots of turkeys produced in this area, and you know how that's going to affect them."
Earlier this month 30,000 turkeys were due to be slaughered following the discovery of the H5N8 virus in northeast Germany, as health groups attempt to contain the disease.
This weekend the disease was also found on a chicken farm in Holland.

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