Gimme 3: Startups crowdfunding this month

Oak & Iron is crowdfunding this month (Source: Oak & Iron)

Oak and Iron

Target: £55,000 for 30 per cent equity
The furniture company uses environmentally friendly processes and locally sourced materials. Owner Terry Facey has made furniture for Harrods.
Raised: £44,700

Grub Club

Target: £250,000 for 15.6 per cent equity
A team on a mission to change how we dine by creating pop up restaurants where chefs can be more creative, and diners get a cheaper meal.
Raised: £157,000

Dolphin Alarms

Target: £80,000 for 20 per cent equity
This patented swimming pool alarm system is designed to prevent children and non-swimmers from drowning. It was created by specialists from Newcastle University.
Raised: £17,000

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