Quiz: How well do you know your business buzzwords?

Lynsey Barber
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We all hate them, but can’t stop ourselves from using them.

Buzzwords and phrases that have no meaning whatsoever, except to make those saying them feel superior (and anyone listening to them in turn hate those people) and acronyms that make your eyes water are inescapable.

Think you’ve heard them all? Think you’re the best at buzzword bingo during talks from those up high?

Just how well do you know your business buzzwords? Take the quiz to find out.

Alphabet soup

Financial regulators have had a major overhaul of late, but which one of these acronyms has never kept its eye on the City?

The next big thing

We've had the Brics, Mints and Civets representing emerging markets in recent years. Markets are chosen based on economic data and trends, not how the acronym sounds- contrary to what it sounds like. But what markets does the new term BAT refer to?

What's in a name?

We have our CEOs, COOs and now CTOs these days- we love our C-Suite over here- and across the pond they're fans of lengthy job tiles which always have a vice president in there somewhere. But which of these is not a real job title?

We've all been there

From fat thumbed traders who put that all important decimal in the wrong place to loose lipped employees who blab about the IPO their working on costing the company millions, businesses all have their snafus. But what does snafu actually stand for?


Stagflation, Brexit, Grecovery... economists love creating pormanteaus, but which of these political leader portmanteaus is the real one that people have used among the fakes we just made up?

Tick tick boom

Stock exchange tickers are pretty functional but there are some fun ones to be found from companies with a sense of humour. Which one of these is the fake?

Swaning around

It's not an update from WPP without Sir Martin Sorrell's black and grey swans. That's unknown unknowns and knowns unknowns, for those that don't know. Anyway. Which of these is one of Sir Martin's black swans among the grey?


New Microsoft boss Satya Nadella managed to couch a new strategy in 3,000 words worth of buzz in a letter to employees. But which of these phrases wasn't used by Nadella in his manifesto?

Credit where it's due

Credit ratings are quite fundamental, but with each of the big ratings firms using different gradings, which of these is the lowest?

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