Sainsbury's Christmas advert, forex fines, Rosetta and the Double Donut Burger: 10 things we learned this week

Catherine Neilan
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Sainsbury's: If you didn't cry, you just weren't concentrating.
1. Sainsbury's has stolen the Christmas ad crown from John Lewis. Maybe. But have either of them done enough to be considered for our Christmas ad hall of fame, which includes a 1950s Coca-Cola number and the 1992 Yellow Pages classic?
2. Bankers' forex rigging was £1.1bn of bad. RBS, HSBC, UBS, JPMorgan and Citi were hit with the record fine this week and the money is going to the Treasury. How will George Osborne spend it? Maybe nurses or maybe free London travelcards for everybody.
3. Sweden has proof that its territory was “violated” by a foreign power. They're not saying which power it was but the finger has been pointed at Russia. If things get heated, we're pretty certain who will come out on top.
5. Fifa's investigation into Fifa's handling of the Qatar bid found that Fifa was not corrupt. But in a classic "you couldn't make it up" moment, the man who wrote the report said that wasn't actually what he said.
6. Science got super sexy – and a little bit tattoed - when we landed the first spacecraft on a moving comet.
7. The internet went crazy for a Double Donut Burger, despite – or maybe because – it was 2,000 calories of wrong.
9. The UK broadcast its first advert featuring a person inhaling an ecigarette.