YoYo, Soul, Eggy and Wooky: Meet LG’s weird, gimmicky new Aka smartphones

Emma Haslett
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Yoyo, Soul, Wooky and Eggy - they want to be your friend... (Source: LG)
YoYo, Soul, Eggy and Wooky - they might sound like an updated version of the Teletubbies, but they’re actually LG’s new line of “Aka” smartphones.
The names are nowhere near as weird as it gets. Each phone comes with a “personality” - for pink YoYo that’s a lady who eats too much (her weight yo-yos - geddit? Sigh), white Wooky “always speaks in slang”, navy Soul loves beer and music and yellow Eggy, despite his rather frowny appearance, is apparently always falling in love.
The phones come with a “sliding door” cover, which covers four-fifths of the screen, leaving just a pair of digital eyes - either narrow, thoughtful, catlike or googly, depending on which character you’ve gone for. And just to remind you they’re there, they blink absolutely loads...

Users can swap phone covers, so if you’re tired of Yoyo whining about her weight, you can always swap to Eggy, who presumably will whine about unrequited love instead. You can take selfies with the character, post them their Instagram account and even earn points for buying new accessories.

The phones run Android Kitkat and come with 16GB storage, and cost about £300. But - alack, alas - you can only get them in Korea. No plans yet to introduce them in the UK….

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