David Cameron prepares for revolt over EU arrest warrant

Kate McCann
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Cameron will launch his road revolution today
David Cameron is readying himself for a revolt on his own backbenches today over the government’s decision to opt back into the EU arrest warrant.

MPs will be given the opportunity to vote on plans to sign back up to the controversial measure, which gives states within the European Union extradition powers, alongside 34 other measures. As many as 100 MPs are said to be considering voting against the motion. How­ever, that number could be cut in half, according to a senior Tory source, who told City A.M. that a significant number would toe the line after Cameron delivered a tough message in Eur­ope on the £1.7bn bill last week.

Home secretary Theresa May sought to allay fears by saying she had altered the warrant to prevent extradition of British citizens for minor offences abroad. Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, she implored MPs to pass the vote, adding: “The arrest warrant – and the 34 other measures the government proposes we opt back into – are practical measures that are necessary to protect us from serious criminals and terrorists.”

The vote will follow a speech by the Prime Minister at the Confederation of British Industry’s annual conference tomorrow, during which he is set to launch a road revolution. Cameron will promise £15bn to launch 100 improvement projects on major roads around the UK, using money allocated in the Budget in March.

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