Quiz: How well do you know your Christmas adverts?

Sarah Spickernell
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Christmas: Are you a real Christmas cracker or a total turkey? (Source: Getty)

It's that time of year again – when our TV screens become flooded with festive scenes of familial love, anthropomorphised animals and general Merry Christmas messages.

We all know Coca-Cola pretty much invented Santa Claus, while Chanel No.5's Little Red Riding Hood was iconic for years.

But how much attention have you been paying over the years - and are you more of a Christmas cracker or just total turkey?

Take our quiz to find out.

Who put on a "Christmas musical advert" in 2010, featuring Twiggy, Dannii Minogue and Peter Kay?

Whose Christmas tagline in 1999 was “Getting home for Christmas... Priceless” ?

Whose 1992 Christmas advert featured a little boy trying to kiss a little girl under the mistletoe, but having to get something to stand on because she was taller than him?

Which drinks brand made a spoof of Raymond Briggs's book The Snowman in 2006, resulting in the children's author complaining in a letter to The Times?

Who used the tagline “don't save it for the summer” in their 1982 Christmas ad?

Who played the protagonist in the Schweppes “Yule love its tonic bite” advert in 1990?

In 2011, whose Christmas advert featured seven lambs singing while wearing scarves?

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