Remembrance Sunday 2014: Where to see the Tower of London’s poppies installation commemorating the WWI centenary

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The Tower of London poppies display is due to end in just five days (Source: Getty) (Source: Getty)

With five days left of the stunning display of 888,246 ceramic poppies in remembrance of those who lost their lives serving in the First World War, London Mayor Boris Johnson and political party leaders have backed calls from the public for the exhibition to be extended.

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However, the organisers of the exhibition and the artist who created the installation, called "Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red" have said part of the concept of the display is its transience. With potentially limited time to see the stunning memorial, here’s the best spots to see it.

With the poppies stretching across the moat around the tower, the north side of the historic monument along Tower Hill road overlooks the display. On the western side of the tower, Tower Hill Terrace is the largest space from which to see the display, while part of the path to the south running next to the river and the small path leading to the entrance of the Tower offers a brief glimpse of the exhibition.

If you're unable to make it before the memorial ends on Tuesday, here's what is probably the best view of the stunning poppies- from the London sky courtesy of the Met's police helicopter.

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