Londoners are the most accident prone in the UK: Almost a quarter have been hospitalised because of accidents

Sarah Spickernell
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The most common hazard is stepping into busy roads (Source: Getty)
Londoners are more likely than anyone else in the UK to have accidents while going about their daily lives, according to a new study.
Comparison site asked people from across the UK about the hazards they face and the accidents that happen as a result, and found the average Londoner puts themselves in a risky situation 12.6 times a week.
More than a third of Londoners claim they encounter life-threatening risks on a daily basis, and nearly a fifth describe themselves as “accident prone”.
It should come as no surprise, therefore, that 23 per cent of Londoners have been hospitalised as a result of accidents in the past.


Of all the hazards faced by people in the capital, the most common is stepping into busy roads – almost half of Londoners said they do this on a daily basis.
Other big ones include nearly being hit by a vehicle while walking, slipping on a wet floor and running for public transport.