Fire and ice mix at the launch of Canary Wharf’s skating rink

Gabriella Griffith
Festive celebrations at Canary Wharf have been put on ice – quite literally
It's not winter until there’s an ice skating rink popping up next to your office, and last night was the turn for Canary Wharfers, as its rink launched – and in a blaze of glory at that.
The party, attended by Barclays and Citibank among others, saw the Guinness World Record for most candle wicks burned simultaneously on a body. Luckily it wasn’t an overconfident banker with a Zippo but a pyrotechnics professional.
Canary Wharf’s chief administrative officer Camille Waxer was there, but despite being a bit of a pro – “I grew up in Toronto, so of course I can skate!” she told The Capitalist – we didn’t see her on the ice. Instead we decided to enjoy the food coming out of the kitchen at resident restaurant, Q on Ice, by the former Ivy chef Des McDonald. And the cocktails certainly kept the non-skaters busy – if equally as wobbly.

Snake fervor and chivaree circus perform 'The human fire torch' (Source: Getty)

Ice Rink Canary Wharf features London's only skate path (Source: Getty)

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